Well, that didn’t take long.

Taking into consideration a two week progression halt due to warping mobs, instance crashes or server crashes locking us out, we have finally killed the Rathe Council, and are now flagged for the Plane of Time.

Quite an achievement for a fresh, new guild that isn’t fully geared from Vex Thal & Temple of Ssraeshza (instead most members are wearing either bought or tutorial armor /poke Slowresist), and could barely get enough members to do Grummus on the release of Planes of Power.

We will be diving into the Plane of Time next week, and personally speaking, it has been way too long since I have been in that zone.

I am especially looking forward to Tallon Zek. I heard it’s one of the most difficult encounters in this expansion, and challenges are always fun. Especially when they mean you get to fight a mob that hits like a wrecking ball and Mafaka will be on the receiving end of said wrecking ball.

Fun times ahead!