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No Remorse

So, Planes of Power and Lost Dungeons of Norrath are being constantly farmed.

There isn’t really much to say, we’ve been trying to continuously kill everything that spawns in open-world as well.

As well as that, people are gearing up their alts, applicants, killing old content for fun and helping each other complete epic quests.

Preparation for Gates of Discord is going to take place soon as well.

We are currently open for recruitment for certain classes as well (check on the right of the page!).

Contact any of Escanor, Juraak, Narco or Swushu.. or actually, any of our members! but NOT Mafaka.

Hit the Lights

Quarm is dead.

Killing Time

Another interesting week sees us venture into the Plane of Time for the first time. Phase 1 to 3 were cake, but then we arrived at Phase 4 expecting the real struggle and gear check to start.

Truth be told, our first attempts (albeit unprepared) went south, but we knew what had to be done. So, the following raid day, we came back, and naturally; Tallon Zek, Terris Thule and Saryrn fell to their demise.

No kill-shots this time as doing loots & logs kept me occupied enough that I forgot.

Recruitment is also open for the majority of the classes (check to the right of the webpage) as we look to fill those final slots in preparation for Gates of Discord.