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Fallen Council awakens The Sleeper

Back to post this epic video of Fallen Council awakening The Sleeper… watch till the end!

Oh yeah..

Emari what’s good?

Vulak has been defeated!

Vulak has fallen!


On September 23rd, Vulak was finally slain by The Fallen Council. It has been a long time coming! With Vulak down and the mighty Kerafyrm awoken, the entire expansion is officially on farm. Casters and clerics are enjoying lovely Vulak loot, Maf is enjoying my earring, and nobody is getting a Palladius. Yet, anyways.

We are still bolstering our raidforce! We’ve had dear old friends rejoin us, but we need you! If you wish to raid during EU evenings, but have a blast while doing it, put in an application today!

Send a tell to Painful, Swushu, Grizz, Rillifane or Infested for more info 🙂

We made it to Kerafyrm’s Lair!

The Fallen Council finally reached Sleeper’s Tomb!

On the 15th of September, we were able to bring in a crew and down the 4 warders in ST. For some of us, it was a first time there, and it was an amazing event. We are looking forward to keying more members, and farming the much desired loot from the pre-awoken zone.

Congrats to the guild!


Reminder that we are still looking for more raiders, interested in raiding EU evenings! Please contact Grizz, Swushu, Painful, Rillifane or Infested for more info.

Velious is upon us! The Fallen Council are conquering the snowy south

We’re still going strong guys!

Velious is upon us, and it’s quite a bit of fresh air to be honest. The expansion has brought a lot more raid content, compared to Kunark. And we are having a blast going through it!

We’ve been a bit selective on our targets, but all raid content is soon to be downed! We are still looking for more people to share the fun with! If you are interested in raiding EU evenings, and having a blast on voice com while doing, dont hesitate to post an application on our forums, or contact an officer. Throwing a tell to a member can also guide you in the right direction 🙂

RIP Avatar of War

RIP Dain Frostreaver

RIP Cazic Thule

RIP Tunare and faction :'(

I will further update, when we get more screenshots to share! In the meanwhile, if raiding during EU evening hours and having fun doing it sounds appealing, please dont hesitate to contact us for further infomation or an application! We have room for all priest and caster classes! For melees, we are in need of bards, rogues and rangers. Tank section is currently filled, but dont be afraid to reach out regardless of class. The raid force is ever-changing 🙂


If you have any questions, please shoot a tell to Painful, Infested, Grizz, Rillifane or Swushu!