The Four(th) Horsemen

Well, that didn’t take long.

Taking into consideration a two week progression halt due to warping mobs, instance crashes or server crashes locking us out, we have finally killed the Rathe Council, and are now flagged for the Plane of Time.

Quite an achievement for a fresh, new guild that isn’t fully geared from Vex Thal & Temple of Ssraeshza (instead most members are wearing either bought or tutorial armor /poke Slowresist), and could barely get enough members to do Grummus on the release of Planes of Power.

We will be diving into the Plane of Time next week, and personally speaking, it has been way too long since I have been in that zone.

I am especially looking forward to Tallon Zek. I heard it’s one of the most difficult encounters in this expansion, and challenges are always fun. Especially when they mean you get to fight a mob that hits like a wrecking ball and Mafaka will be on the receiving end of said wrecking ball.

Fun times ahead!

Seek and Destroy

Finally we were able to pop an instance without Daybreak Games deciding to crash it, or the server, for us.

We waited two weeks, but in the end Xegony is dead.

Also, someone needs to explain to me what the fuck is happening in the second picture because all I am seeing is Xegony bending over and Essarsin wearing a pointy hat ready to dive in.

Riding the Lightning

It’s been an interesting two months, to say the least. The guild formed just a bit before Planes of Power was released, with a maximum raid force of 20 people, including boxed characters.

Everyone worked tirelessly to make the guild what it is today, from focusing on their own characters to helping others on theirs as well.

Progress has been made and the results speak for themselves; we are currently sitting at an average of 55 per raid and against all odds, clearing Elemental Planes, thanks to the efforts of everyone in the guild.

More importantly, I will take a moment to emphasize how great the guild atmosphere is. The guild is extremely helpful, understanding and drama free. Furthermore, I don’t think I have laughed as much during raids as I do here during all my years in EverQuest; TeamSpeak & Guild chat are an absolute joy.

Speaking of raids, they have been a ton of fun as well, apart from the occasional server crash locking out of progression instances. We’ve been steadily gearing up our raid force by clearing Plane of Fire & Plane of Water every week. Whilst hopefully next week will see us venture into the Plane of Time.

Recruitment is open to certain classes as well, this is an ideal time to join the fun as soon, the guild will do one final back-flag run, ensuring the majority, if not all, of the guild have access to every zone in the expansion.

I leave you with a few kill shots of Fennin Ro & Coirnav, and one pic where Mafaka and I explore Terris Thule in a rather inappropriate way.

Speaking of Mafaka, did you know it is a guild rule to kill him every time he is charmed? Everyone in the raid gets a 10 DKP bonus every raid it happens too.