Gates of Discord has finally hit Coirnav! Death by Kyvs, AC augs in Kod’Taz, BiC.. All the usual fun. After buggy circumstances during launch, we were able to get all the flagging done, and get into Tacvi. Once inside, we slayed our way towards Tunat, who got destroyed, yet again. While progression was shorter than PoP, it was intense as always. Now we farm the expansion and prepare for the omens ahead.

As usual, a few pixels of the spanked

The racing and raiding with Fallen Council is something special. Its not just looting all the shit you dreamt of back in the day. The atmosphere and just having fun is what its all about!

The Fallen Council is all about raiding and questing! If that sounds like something for you, please don’t hesitate to either write an application or contact any of our players directly, for further information!