On the 18th of February, The Fallen Council downed Quarm, finishing the expansion only 4 days after the release of Planes of Power on the Coirnav TLP server.

Its been some very hectic and long raid days, but also, immensely fun and rewarding. Very fun raids and of course, lovely loot! One shotting Rathe Council was intriguing and challenging as always, but in the end, we got the job done. A huge compliment to our glorious raid force, who kept their spirits high, despite Rallos Zek deleting Mafaka a couple of times. Besides that, we just basically Maf’d everything, and even though we were worn out, we celebrated reaching our goal in lovely Quarm loot.

As always, a few snapshots of the conquered beasts;

Quarm (Plane of Time)


Fennin Ro (Plane of Fire)


Plane of Water


Plane of Earth B


Jiggles (Xegony, Plane of Air)


Congratulations to the entire guild for the achievement, looking forward now to kicking back, leveling a bit, and then farming the expansion!


We are still recruiting certain classes, primarily Ranger, Wizard, Necro, Druid and Rogues and/or exceptional players. We raid primarily EU evenings. If you are interested in joining the #1 EU guild on the server, don’t hesitate to contact Smack or Trife in-game for further information!