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Leave out all the rest

Fallen Council is still recruiting!

Recruitment is open for most classes, however there are limited spots available.

Why join Fallen Council, you ask? Well, we are the most fun guild to raid with, and we push / clear content as soon as it’s released.

We believe in Quality over Quantity, which is one of the reasons we almost always have spots available in our raids. You won’t be left out of raids due to spots being full, or be a part of a secondary raid force.

Hit up any FC Member if you are interested!


Here is a picture of Bauski and Saturi which perfectly illustrates the love/hate relationship they have going on.

No comment, Beefaroni.

Udeen, on some of the of topics we discuss in our Guild Chat & Teamspeak.

In the End

Omens of War was released couple of weeks ago on the server.

All in all it was a fun expansion, we took our time leveling up and preparing for raids, but unfortunately Daybreak Games had other plans and decided to completely cock up the Muramite Proving Grounds flags, which meant we had to wait an additional week to get into the Citadel of Anguish.

As soon as the first Sunday came, the first Overlord Mata Muram kill followed.

All in all, Citadel of Anguish was an interesting experience, some fun encounters with interesting mechanics, now to farm it in preparation for the upcoming expansions!

For now, here are some quotes!

This guy cracked me up with his LFG message:

Saturi giving insight into the best way to make platinum in the game:

If you are a Ranger, Bauski has some advice on where you need to go:

Getting a resurrection from Lootninja comes with certain….perks:

Fallen Council is a guild that prides itself in its fun and honest nature, we play to enjoy the content as it comes. We aren’t the type of guild to forget our members in a race to finish content and not the type of guild that doesn’t help out each other. We participate in all Open World DPS races we can, and in most cases, win them.

Recruitment is open for most classes! Send a tell to any member of the guild for more information.